Throwback: Gucci Fall 2002

Another Gucci classic from 2002. From the height of Tom Ford. Sort of reminds me of what Slimane is doing for Saint Laurent right now.

I love dark theme associated and crisp black and white. Keeping the composition simple and wanting us to guess what color the model in the ad is wearing. Mostly likely its black with something velvety, like that japanese style obi belt.

Classic Natalia Vodianova.

And of course the runway show, where we saw the textures really playing well together.

Sort of an velvet underground, gothic glam girl with piercing eyeliner rimmed eyes. One of the best Gucci shows in its history, well, in my opinion.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Very innovated. I like the gothic style.

  2. wow awesome post, I love looking back at old trends!

  3. Well... Gucce is always great :D
    xoxo from Munich

  4. This is an edgy outfit... I like the pants :-)

    Thank you SO much for the lovely comment on my blog... have a wonderful week .. :-)

  5. Great post!


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