#NYFW Day 6 - Art Institutes Student Collections

I had the pleasure of attending the Art Institute Student Collections Runway Show, where we see graduate and current student's creations on the big New York Fashion Week stage, and I have to say everyone was wonderful this season. 

The music by DJ Xavier had me tapping my foot in a good rhythm and the overall flow of show was spectacular.

These are some of my favorite looks from the students.

This is by Lorena Cabrera, who is a graduate of AI Portland.
This sculptural drape short dress is perfect, with the patterning and cross hatching styling and stitch of the bottom half, looking fold over as that. Plus the shoulder is so avant garde and neatly done.

Next is Samuel Ciccone, who is a graduate from AI Philadelphia.
Who did a wonderful suiting style of dress with black leather panelling in the front and sleeves. Then the black collar is so perfect with it. I love the edginess associated with this.

Then is Michael Doyle, who is a graduate from AI NYC. Hometown baby.
You can tell that he is influenced by the NY black army, because this black Cotton Voile dress with leather sleeves is to die for.

Next is Gustavo Alonso, who is graduate from Miami Int. University from Art and Design.
His inspiration is a woman with a dark and romantic side. It definitely shows in this number. This Charcoal guipure lace v-neck evening gown. I love the lace chantilly detailing throughout and the romantic feel to it. She is ready to seduce her next prey.

Then is the Duo, RG by Ryan Edmonds and German Madrigal. Who are both from AI Portland, One is a student and another graduate. Interesting combination to see what they have done. I love the easy layered look and bad ass girl vibe. The inspiration is unisexual layering and design, creating a balance between menswear and womenswear. I could definitely see the Black zip front vest being worn by a man, never thought of it til now. There is a hint of menswear hidden within this outfit. Great job.

Next is Joshuan Aponte, a student from AI NYC. Hometown once again!
His inspiration was avant garde massive structures with a color story and unforgettable presence to the woman who wears it. I just love the bubbly feature to this. Reminds us how fun fashion should and can be, not to take it so meticulously all the time.

Then its Simone Young, student from AI NYC. Another hometown once again!
Her inspiration was Metamorphosis, the evolution and process of the modern woman. She has such beautifully constructed designs. One of my favorites.
Just look at the long pleated black jacket over slim pants. The black army collection thrives on for NY natives.

Next is Christopher Maracha, Graduate from AI San Francisco. His inspiration for the line came from the sleek lines of Patrick Nagel's art.
Just look at this color blocked red and black tee with see through shoulders and sleek black pants. Looks so motocross like and eclectic. 

Then is Rie Yamamoto, Graduate from AI San Francisco as well. Her inspiration was mid century ideas, which was clearly evident through this peplum top and leather peg style skirt look with fur vest.
Just look at the construction with the leather, as I watched the model walk down the runway it was well done and a good fit. A little lose around the waist but the tiered leather needs that room on the dress.
So crafty.

Next is Anna Charest, who is a student at AI Philadelphia. Her inspiration was the Moses wagon, a convertible medical wagon in the civil war. So this is a modernized 1800s apparel. Very crafty and well done.

The epitome of a modern strong woman. I love the embroidery on this long flaired brown coat and easy grey slim pants. Simple in construction and beautiful.

Next is Lauren Barisic, student at AI San Francisco. Her inspiration was from the movie Charade and turned into an mystery and anxious collection. Loved the usage of plaids and colors. Not to mention the puffed sleeves reminiscent of the victorian era. 
Nice white giant sleeve blouse with Black floor-length trumpet skirt. Beauty indeed!

Lastly, is Luis Aponte, who is a student at Miami Int. University of Art and Design.
His inspiration was the Metamorphosis inspired by colors, textures, and unique wing designs of butterflies.
Loved this number with the swatched detail coat over shift dress. I love the play on textures and design on this. The yellow lines of the dress, interesting geometric element with the texture of the coat.

Overall, everyone did a great job, with any collection its a little rough but I cant wait to see all of these designers emerge more and show again here in New York. 

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.