Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011

MAJESTIC, 40s, COIFFED HAIR, Fantastic Trains, Excellent Detailing and that Dior aesthetic.

This collection blowed my mind, this is the first time im so immersed in Paris Haute Couture Week (Modea Paris thank you.)

You see the Dior woman: Sexy, confident, sultry, mysterious, well breed, fantastic, and always at the center of attention.

This is truly the making of a great show done by Galliano. The collection speaks for itself. The amazing makeup, the bold blackish eyes with sufficient mascara and liner, the liner makes a crisp curve. The coiffed and well done hair with the red lips. Not to mention the appearances of red on some outfits.

Dior is focusing on one part of the body, the neckline and decolletage, one of the sexiest part of a woman. These pieces truly accentuated the neck and strong bones these models had.

This work is incredible, the time taken to make sure every small detail on it must have been tremendous but the show is successful, unlike Thom Browne Mens, which fell through faster than a construction worker on a manhole.

~~Kaye Beeh


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  2. Great collection :D

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