#NYFW Day 6 - Tory Burch Fall/ Winter 2014

I just love what Tory Burch does every season, she has a certain design identity that she sticks with but always brings something new to the table.

This season's collection felt like a caravan of different prints, mixed materials, shapes, and represented different ubiquitous styles of dressing.

Different era represented but with such modernity.

Like this militia style of long coat with the golden belt. I love the beige and green color combo plus the watercolored bottom. When worn open, for any girl like me that has hips and thighs, it will look less bulky. Pair it with a simple pair of jeans and those skater sneakers and a white tee. Your good to go.

The right look feels very european with this tic-tac-toe like geometry going on with grommet geometric skirt to match. Feels like a elegant kind of 90s punk, dont ya think?
Images: Style

Then I loved the various outfits with knee highs. The fitted and loose outerwear fit and walked down the runway well, I can tell those will be seeing us in the stores.

Love these two looks the most. Reminds me of a London Scene, quite mod school girl and what she wears when she goes home to change to go out.

The look on the left with the pleated petticoat and knee high with black collared dress underneath, very neat.

Then the look on the right reminds me of the Christian Lacroix sweater from the 80s, that started the whole high embroidery element to a basic article of clothing. That is evident here but look at the white undershirt with those details as well and the skirt's edging. Very subtle mixture of different elements going on and it works. Definitely does not clash.

I love how easy this looks can be to wear. The wearability these days are so huge not to mention, the details like the easy mid-thigh skirt with some electric stripes and deep color, plus the jeweled sweater and horse shirt underneath.

Now these feel like the usual Tory style. The paisley collar and sleeves poking out of this metallic glittery skirt set. Matched with the shades and knee highs, reminds me of the  90s cyper punk but with some added glamour.

Then the look on the left, Tory is known for her prints and has done kaftans and tunic for years on this. I love the "christmas" sweater like feel to this sweater, its quite busy and is neat with the skirt.

I love the collars on these.
The panelling on the first look is great. To break up some of that paisley going on with a modest brown top. Then the russian fur warmer in a print, super cute!

The second look is so wearable! I love the necklace on with the white shirt, looks like royalty. Then the graphic white and black pants with the militia belt. The belt when it first came down the runway bothered me but when I look it in conjunction with the outfit, I thought maybe it can work and surely does.

If we go back to the pleated jacket and black schoolgirl modern look, can you imagine if that last outfit with the militia golden belt was paired on the waist? Anyways, which looks do you guys like?

~Kaye Beeh

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