#NYFW Day 4 - L to the Lela Rose Fall/ Winter 2014 Highlights

Lela Rose brings us this fall to a beautiful flow and transition, not entirely getting rid of our patterns but appropriating it by bringing neutral coloring for the fall.

The way she does patterns like this tweedy crosshatch number, reminds me of the 2005 Chanel show in a way. The black bead embroidery on the top, and matching black and white skirt. Normally many people dont like matchy items but these match chic-ly.

Then that black colorblocking stripes coat with the geometric stripes really complement each other in styling.

Not to mention, silk pieces like this uber glam sketchy style rose work on both of these outfits. Again, another chic way to wear matching top and bottom.

Then we move into the next blue dress number having extraordinary detailing to define the natural waist all the way down from the neckline, which is quite modest.

I love the city chic feminine look on the right, the sweatshirt trend continues, except in short sleeve with a fabulous black embroidered easy flow skirt. It just looks thrown together and it works.

Now for super glamorous details, the draping jewels by the neckline of the black number, with lace underskirt, very interesting underskirt I've never seen before.

Then the white outfit, feathering, beading at the drop waist with japanese style watercolor swirling at the bottom hem. Interesting how the top is so minimal and the bottom is busy, I find that a fresh take on some of the outfits Ive seen at fashion shows so far.

Lastly, Lela transitioned into gowns, charity galas would be proud and that society girl that happens to live in the West Village and Tribeca would be caught leaving a function in these numbers.
Loving the ultra feminine sheer and floral printed blosue with white slim fitting pants, very neutral and subdued.

Then the lace beading work on the bodice and entire top of the black dress is divine. Kind of reminds me of Gianni Versace's risque work but mix in a little Miu Miu, to cover up the girl wearing it, and you have a refined-risktaking dress. I could picture an Anne Hathaway type of actress wearing this to an awards gala.

Overall, there is ubiquitous pieces in this collection, from the slightly feminine girl to the overtly feminine girl. Very versatile in how you wear each piece individually. Not to mention they fit the body quite well as I watched the models glide down the runway.

Lela Rose was definitely strong this season, and hands down one of my favorite shows of Day 4 and possibly of all Fashion Week.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. There are some great pieces here. I really like this collection.

  2. This collection is absolutely stunning!
    Each piece is so unique and wonderful designed!

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  3. Beautiful collection!!!
    kiss Giuly


  4. thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful looks- Lela Rose;s white dress with the feathers is exquisite

  5. Love it
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    A chic kiss ;)


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