#NYFW Day 1 - Marissa Webb Fall/ Winter 2014

Marissa Webb brought to us the quintessential city girl. Modern in her day routine but loves art, layering clothing, and the right styling and fit.

First, the hair and makeup is quite lovely a combo. The unkempted bun that looks like your busy and had no time to fix it or just woke up. The makeup is quite fresh, so natural beauty for fall!

My three favorite looks.

The first features a grey very avant garde boucle coat, which has a beautiful collar and shoulder fit and detail. The geometric plaid inner shirt and the pop of leather on the sleeves. And of course the leather pants. Exactly what I would wear. A little grunge city glam girl.

The second look is a nice art canvas looking skirt design, with a prim and proper button up shirt with a fly away blue-ish sleeve grey jacket sweater. Feels like I am looking at an art student or a gallery girl.

Images via FGPS

I love the slouchy aesthetic look to this. Very grunge and glam edgy with the metallic blue pea jacket, plaid shirt, layering sleeves, and slouchy black pants.

One of the best shows from today. I love how you can take simple mediums and turn it into a mixed media outfit that is so stylish.

~Kaye Beeh

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