#NYFW Best of Day 6: From J. Crew to Vera Wang

And we go into Day 6's favorites and shows that struck me as most interesting.

Vera Wang - It seems like Vera paid a nod to Slimane's Saint Laurent look and went grungy glam for this fall's collection. The black and plaid cool girl look, to the "You Bug Me' tee and leather skirt. I find it awesome. Black crew, we have clothes in this collection for us!
Images: Style

The mixed textures of plaid and leather I love it.
The fur muffler.

The burnout top is quite interesting to see. I wonder if Vera were to do a burnout bodice for a goth girl's wedding?

It looks like a society girl went dark and customized her thousand dollar dresses by wearing the sheer lining underneath instead. I think this was a cool collection overall. I am a fan of some dark themes for sure. Feminine darkness I am a fan of.

J. Crew - Smart trouser straight pants tailored so beautifully as per usually. The long coat with simple shirt to match. But I love the added bomber with floral and white top.

The very sporty bomber from like 2003, matched with the textured black top and floral pants with minimalist lined heels, Very interesting combo together.

And here is the bandwagon, The fur coat in a half chevron, colorblocked style, I love it.

I love when Jenna Lyons does bold colors in layering or a casual pairing.
The bright orange coat and shirt with plaid tweedy pants, simply genius. Once again, I can see a fashion week personality wearing this. Oh wait, Jenna probably will. :)

The ombre knit and plaid striped pajama like pants, interesting.

I love this layering and color blocking on the whole outfit. The embroidered detail on the first look, like a middle eastern theme matching with that fur stole.

Then screen printed silk pants with plaid scarf and bomber puffer. Innovative.

I know some people may say Jenna has a personality for quirky and smart looks, in which she does but its never boring and its always solid pieces that have something new added to it or styled in a different way to reach new audiences. Great job once again!

Jenny Packham - The designer favorite of our favorite Dutchess. And she continues with old hollywood, London glamorous pieces that has embroidery and jewelling to each and every piece that is a true craft.

I can see a hint of Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor at the same time, cant you?

Marc by Marc Jacobs - The logo loving, motocross anime chic and cyper punk girl from the height of the 90s, (95) would love this collection. He definitely went into another route like he wanted to and he executed it in a way I personally love. If youve seen my love of the cyper punk 90s movement post earlier on this blog, then youll see how it relates.

The large leather belted waits, the silver lame logo top and red graffiti sleeves.

The sporty like element was major in this collection, with the boxer like looks on the right one, the sleeves, large pants (1920s baseball large pants) and boxer like boots.

The braided pigtails with the same leather black large obi belt, graffiti fun jeans which I loved and the black blazer with touch of blue.

The karate like green outfit.

And layering like no other.
The incessant graffiti does work in this collection, it brings across the image of this turn of century revolutionary girl in the 90s, who loves to have fun but not too much (or thats the impression she likes to give, we know we all did).

Oscar de la Renta -
Punk mod kind of choppy hair to start off. I love how Oscar designs to this day, the level of tailoring and fits he does, he knows how to dress a woman's body, all these decades. The female powersuit with the silver belt, dark heathered gray and ruffled top at the waist. Feels a little like 80s Dynasty dont you think?

Then that blue fur collar jacket. The graphic black and white dotted look, with black panelling in leather and leather pants, very eclectic and neatly done.

When he forays into prints, I die. Just look at these. Especially that red embroidered blocked dress, the matching heels are divine.

The society women dresses! One of for the daughter and another for the mother. I love the chantilly lace down the long royal blue number, elegant and chic.

Then the fitted A-line dress with grey and cerulean blue floral embroidery is gorgeous. It just cascades from the neckline to the bottom hem.

All the designers had some neat pieces these season, some bordering on boring, others interesting but still on the fence, and others are simply genius.

~Kaye Beeh


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