My New Year of Shoes...oh please baby eve


So this is the new year. A new beginning. More risks to take. More chances to succeed. New friends, new people, new opportunities we shall grasp.

So here are the shoes I am loving for this new year of 2011. What I am going to go broke purchasing and why a job is needed. Haha. Its time to be daring and Unleash my inner Angelina Jolie, my Irina Lazareanu, my Queens Kate Lanphear and Freja Beha Erichsen.

My eye has been on Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a while, many people own this shoe and I have weary of the heel and platforms but why not give it a try.

I want the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform shoes.

Well I actually ordered a pair from dna footwear and one from sole ,so I am expecting two colors to come. The colors, Ill let you know, its a surprise! :)

Jeffrey Campbell Alley

There are tons of Jeffrey Campbells I want but I want these older ones.

The Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedges

Also I have been loving the Finsk wedge shoes that have been seen worn by others.

They also have the Finsk Project ones, which I find architecturally correct and awesome.

Then the Project twos. EPIC.

I was doing my shopping search and wishlist binge on Topshop and found tons of shoes but this one I want most right now.

The Attitude Black Block Wooden Platform Boots.

I also love the Sam Edelman Joss. When I saw them in person, I nearly keeled over.

I also love these Alexander Wang Fall 2010 boots:

The Alex Wang Spring 2011 shoes:

Most of the these shoes, and I mean most are affordable (except the Finsk and some alex wang really but I had to include! those are saved money and paycheck shoes maybe.).

The absolute splurge shoe for this time would be.....:

The Altuzarra Buckle Ankle Boot. These babies are : $1,165.00 *sigh*

Amazing no?

~~Kaye Beeh


  1. i like the idea of a year of shoes! hehe can't wait to see what colours you bought :)

  2. Shoes sound great....those are amazing choices!

    ♥ Marta from With Love...

  3. Ahh they're all madly amazing!
    Can't believe you ordered a pair!! Have fun in them :P

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  4. oh my gosh! i'm absolutely in love with the alexander wang boots! thank you for sharing!!


    The Flower Girl


  5. Who doesn't want Litas? :p

    They're absolutely amazing... :p

  6. i want the finsk shoes so bad! they're beyond fabulous!

  7. COMPLETELY Obsessed with all of these shoes! Especially love the Sam Edelman Joss boots! LOVE your blog, can't wait to continue reading!

  8. I wish you happy new year, lot of new followers and luck! i like those boots!
    Do you want to follow eachother? If you want, write on my blog;)

  9. for me a pair sequined lita's to start the year please :D Fabulous choices here in this post :)


  10. Wow, I'd love to own every one of these!!

  11. that was some great shoe porn.

    thanks for following my blog! excited to follow you!

  12. Happy New Year
    follow me :*


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