#NYFW Day 1 - Costello Tagliapietra Fall/ Winter 2014

I always love seeing what the guys at Costello Taglia do for the season. This time around is no different except for the wicked ripple effect pieces, the marbled dresses, the jewel tone trousers and colours to leave us with not so much of a flouncy "IN YOUR FACE" colored fall winter but perhaps a modest one.

I love the middle ruching and how its fitted to the body. A sexy fit to give your legs a nice look, your breasts to stand attention, and your little pooch to go away! Not to mention, personally I love dresses with this boatneck or modest neck line, that is not plunging. Very beautiful.
Images via FGPS

 My one favorite coat in the show and of day 1 of fashion week is this ripple marble printed coat. I love the doll collar and how I can pair it with basics to make it stand out and go "Yes, I am wearing this lovely coat and what are you wearing?"

Love the look on the left, if I do menswear its like this. A slim fit but little slouch fit trousers like these, a printed top and sweater, preferably metallic to mix it up.

And the look on the left, is apart this the new female power look, jewel satin trousers? For fall, I wouldnt be surprised and they are bold and hold a facet of simple elegance.

Another good show for Fall on Day 1.

I mean we are seeing very practical looks from designers today, some bold, some true to their design theory and with the season. I am expecting very bold coats defying shape or colors. We'll see.

~Kaye Beeh

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