#NYFW Day 3 - Favorites from Alexander Wang to Tibi

I think today's set of shows are really setting the tone for winter. You can have fabulous white textural pieces, colorblock mania if you wish, or leather and fur black if you'd like. You can be as sporty as you'd like because to walk in the cold brazen wind should be an Olympic sport or as downtown layered chic as you can be.

Definitely seeing themes rather than just clothing for some designers and I thought it was a neat deviation from just a show, they made sure everything was cohesive and solid. That being said, I gotta start with Alexander Wang.

I know everyone has been buzzing about what the golden child Alex Wang has been doing and the venue shift to the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and I gotta say I am quite impressed. The showman ship of an elaborate industrial space, shifting carousel of models in finals looks, and the vast array of colors. Not to mention said colors are blocked, done in different textures but had a utilitarian masculine chic style to it. Not to mention those long front mule boots.
Images via thecut & style.com

These are my favorite outfits, hopefully my favorite department stores buy them more towards size 10, thanks.

 The laser cut jacket and graphic textural pieces stole my heart.

Next up is Tibi, which always has a solid show, the idea of a girl that can throw something together and look really stylish and cozy. Not to mention she can layer, wear different hues and mix different styles together. I always associate Tibi with city chic coolness. In a way this is quite minimal but with subtle color blotches or textural playfulness.

Next up is Moncler. They always do amazing presentations and have the models show in such a grandeur way. This time around was an electrifying rectangular shaped boxes of models all in their box kind of like a hollywood squares game show plus a performance by operatic singers all moving on a platform.
Really liked the jackets in this collection. Love the plaid and purple mixed print. The white and navy ski style puffer. And the two ladies jackets in fur in brown and red. Super cute picks from the collection.

Then came Ruffian, with stunning graphic screen printed silk dresses and skirts, underlined with red tights, alla Blair Waldorf style. Felt very Parisian chic, this collection.

Loved the tall wool hats and especially that houndstooth style one which matched the houndstooth outfit, that felt very english country, with a paisley top and blue tights to match. Not to mention the subtle dress and long jacket with dripping sparkles. Loved the textures and color hues used in this show.

Next comes Lacoste, with the subtle sporty chic and skater flair. Not to mention the beanies are adorabely embroidered with their name.

Doesnt that sweatshirt and coat combo remind you of Bender, Judd Nelson's character in The Breakfast Club?
Love that abstract print slouchy sweater with a really neat dress up skirt and lace ups.
 And for menswear, pretty neat color stripe sweater, simple but gets the message of looking awesome across subtly.

Lastly, Altuzarra wowed with structural coats that had majorly awesome hues and ties at the waist for a luxurious fit. The foldover is super dramatic and well done plus kudos to covering the necks, appropriate for the cold weather, no?

Then he scurred into these rug knit like pieces, which I can tell you I have never seen before but it makes you think twice and say, hmm, that could work? But im still on fence about that.

The best shows of Day 3 to me, including Son Jung Wan, which will have its own separate mention.

Honorable Mention to menswear HVRMINN, the slim fitting pants and structured blazers are perfection.

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.