Phillip Lim for Target Launch!

So today at exactly 8 am or early morning on the internet site, the Phillip Lim for Target collection launched online and in stores for the masses. I heard via Racked and Twitter all of the pandemonium. The pushing, employees being a piƱata for the bags, and the clothing left in large size troves or some gone completely.

I have visited the web, the bags are either available in stores or sold out in certain colors. But clothing or most is available except that "BOOM!" sweatshirt.

You can still place orders but mostly likely if there is no available inventory anymore of it, then it will be cancelled probably like Missoni for Target, to be honest.

For my self, these babies I am going into store to see how they look and especially these darlings I have my beady eye on:

I mean 710 listings on ebay, we all knew that was coming.

Stay Tuned loves, I will update on real time photos~

Happy Bidding~


  1. Want the BOOM sweatshirt!

  2. would love to buy some pieces!!!!! xo, Alma

  3. I bought the high low patched flower dress the day of the launch! I loveee the collection!

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    I am Marie Liv

  4. so much wanted to buy some pieces but they don't ship internationally! xo, Alma

  5. great update on the phillip lim for target launch!
    great blog! such diversity of topics on fashion!
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  6. i think the boom sweater is the cutest!

  7. omg i really adore this phillip lim for target launch! wish i can have one of the jumper! >< thanks for dropping by dear.


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