#NYFW Concept Korea Spring 2014 - Layering to new heights

Congrats to Concept Korea on their 8th season showing at New York Fashion Week. This time around we have some new folks and some oldies Showcasing their designs:

Kaal E. Suktae, Choiboko, Beyond Closet, and Big Park. All vastly different creations and mindsets abright, here are some of my favorite pieces from the collective showings.

I love the way the shape of the arms on some of the pieces like these below have the same of the historical asian armour, like those found on a Kendo gear. Bold shapes, complementary material, and get the defined waist is there.
 Images: The Cut

I like how fun this coat is, as if Anna Sui's niece did a creation and put it on a tshirt which I do own. Not only is it fun but think about the endless outfit combinations you could possibly come up with and be shot outside the tents with. I want someone to defy the photos and do it.

 The pastel coloring, like a native American design on a white palette.

I do like the initiative that the Council of Fashion Designers is doing by bridging the gap between Korean designers and American showspace and designing. I mean fashion from all spectrums should be respected and subjectivism is alive and well.

Overall, fun looking show this season with the additional menswear.

~Kaye Beeh

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