Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Episode 1 Summation and Review

Two nights ago, about 11 million viewers tuned into ABC to see the world premiere of Agents of SHIELD, the new Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon (writing) and company directed show and produced with the help of Stan Lee and Joe Quesada of course. This was the first television show since Dollhouse, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer that Joss Whedon had some direction on. Besides his expertise in the Avengers movie.

We open to a woman in trouble and an unidentified supermale (Mike Peterson) saving her life and Agent Coulson who is alive, meeting with his assembled team, including the other chip on the shoulder Agent Ward that is new to the team and kicked ass in a foreign country.

Hint of a romance or flirtation between him and Skye? Tv element indeed but I can sure as hell see the chemistry.

Main agent of shield is a team of 5 (with the almost addition of super blogger and computer hacker analyst of secrets Skye). We soon learn of a rising tide group that has special access to create super weapons that are synonymous with what was happening years ago and Mike Peterson being an out of work factory worker signed up and got this caterpillar green technology install to him. We soon learn that he is in danger from being caught by the Agents and the rising tide wanted to deactivate him, the same lady he saved was his manager that helped to install that technology onto him.

Super blogger Skye finds all of this out and attempts to save him but instead she is taken by the agents and is asked to cooperate, none too nicely by Agent Ward who apparently cares nothing for her. Her witty banter is bit like Whedon's Buffy. I find nostalgia in that sense.

Him and his son are the only ones left, Agents try to find him and his son. But soon after Skye cooperates and goes to her van to hack, Peterson comandeers the van with her and takes them to the train terminal, where the showdown happens.

A team personnel from the rising tide along with Peterson's former manager decides to eliminate him by shooting him to death or the device will make him explode into bits. The agents realize the explosion potentiality and try to save him (if its not too late) and his child.

He is shot twice, once by the opposing foes and once more by marksman Agent Ward to deactivate the explosive device on Peterson, saving everyone from the explosion and saving Peterson. The little boy gets to have his father again but not before staying with his mother who left them previously.

Agent Coulson makes a suggestion to Skye to join the team within ten seconds, while the flying car takes them off to headquarters and onto the next case to deal with.

Overall, the energy was high in the beginning then stalled in the middle but not before picking up in the end, overall I like the witty language, technical language used, and the Mike Peterson Solo speech. One of the best moments of the show. Some parts had you gripping onto your seat to see what happens next, alla Peterson being shot by the opposing creators of the technology that was installed by them.

I mean bringing the Marvel Universe onto tv is a big thing so lets see how it goes.

~Kaye Beeh

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