#NYFW Tory Burch Spring 2014: Fun Rich and Casual

Tory Burch's Spring 2014 shows us how to walk or skulk around our dream Hamptons home or vacation home in St. Tropez. It designates the timeless Tory Burch aesthetic of wearability in terms of regal, fun, vacationer, flirty, and feminine.

This collection was so fluid that everything meshed together for her inspiration and what she was going for. Including the set design of the vivid blue flooring representing water's waves in the infinity pool and the large bush trees in the background.

I absolutely loved these gardenia style prints on the monochrome outfit, the simplicity of white can still exist but yet why not go a little bit floral on the edges. Notice not that much heels, exactly!

 The hair was very simple, parted down the front, effortless shine (Nice illusion beauty gurus).
These symmetric dresses and the collars are divine. I guess collars are still in, just not those beaded ones but crisp white and dress patterned ones.

 It was like a mod 60s vibe with modern twists.

 Then it got back to the basics of being luxe with a little arm band candy and A line long and short dresses that held such conviction of summer still being here despite the 50-60 degrees evenings we have been having. This show was major in terms of the fit on the model's body. It was either a little loose to keep it casual or a little fitting to show case some curvature in the waist and hips.
 Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni/Imaxtree

Overall, Tory Burch' Spring is the type of spring that you'll want to be lux with or lounge with looking like you have shopping or an event to go to. I see loads of New York Elite strutting to Bergdorf Goodman or Saks for these pieces.

~Kaye Beeh

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