#NYFW Joanna Mastroianni Spring 2014 - Feeling Ultimately Everything

This season's collection Joanna Mastroianni showcased everything that epitomizes a woman, she can be  feminine, flirty, sexy, serious, edgy and sophisticated. I love the mixed media and textures each outfit represented and the various cuts and styling done I appreciate. It gave me ideas for my own spring. I feel like the print silk screen pieces are ultimately amazing and can be dressed up or down. The leather and tulle dress is quite edgy and bold with its solid construction and design.

The pieces towards the end section features a sultry evening wear that seems like it belongs as lingerie but its so innovative.

I like how any style of girl can look at this collection and probably will take some sort of inspiration from it for her own dressing, it had a little bit of everything for every girl.

The orange brocade so well tailored into the outfit.

Lets not forget the last model's dress. She elegantly and sexily struted in it. She held the personality that the dress represents with the sheer yet embroider-covered frock, which is genius as it seems like you can see the silhouette but you dont, just a singular outline, so ill leave it your imagination to decide.

I mean her collection told a mini story from beginning to end. Like this is what I can wear in the day, this I can wear playfully throughout the day, this frilly and feathered piece I can wear in the afternoon or evening, and then my glam dresses is how I like to finish my day off.

One of my favorite shows today alongside V.Beckham.

~Kaye Beeh

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