#NYFW Katya Leonovich Spring 2014 - Fearless and fabulous

Katya Leonovich was as technically created and yet fluidly chic as I thought it would be. The hair is what I noticed at first, the fly aways in front of the face, as if its telling a story through the music (which was memorable) and the hair, being a journey a girl took. The designer took the route of playing around with various hues and shaping instead of simplistic monochrome looks.

Steadfast turned into watercolor shapely and tailored silk patchwork pieces.

 Some of the shoulder relaxing art like drama to the top, which is definitely a change from tired prints of spring we may see.

 The way the dresses fit the body is form in some ways giving curves to those who dont have any and yet will look absolutely glam. My favorite look was the purple piece, I thought the sleeves off kilter on the arms were very deco and abstract. Also the multicolor dress, such good tailored to fit the silk material, the ruffle texture along the front and bottom hem, it was fantastic!

 The various intricacies of the pink leather dress, the asymmetrics of it stands out.

 Glitter and open lace front dresses.

 It felt like a cross between a girl wearing what she likes to a date, what to lounge around in, what to wear to a dinner date and then what to wear to go clubbing. To be honest, it is so transitional and fluid that you can take any event and probably find an outfit from this collection to wear it to. Overall it was bold and feminine.

P.S. - If that water color silk top in set 4 above, ever becomes available, I need it now. Perfect with my waxed denim.

Final Walkthrough (my video via Youtube)

~Kaye Beeh

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