#NYFW Son Jung Wan Spring 2014: Can we fall in love?

The Son Jung Wan type of summer is the type that an ultra feminine glam sort of girl can wear subdued minimalist whites but at the same time add a pop of color and monopolize texture!

Overall the show was very fluid and feminine, the hair was incredible as wearing a large teased pony speaks dramatic volumes. The clothing I loved the various textures, shades of cream, and the tailoring overall was wonderful to see evolve.

 I did like the addition of a couple of menswear looks. I mean a flowing vest for a male = future of mens fashion probably, or maybe in Europe.

 The way she added various monochrome yet colored lines at strategic places like at the waist of a dress is very unique and probably gives some sort of definition to the waist. A little peplum very subtle and dramatic at times.

Final walkthrough (via my vid on Youtube):

 Overall, this was a spectular show. Watch on the live stream if you missed it, you will die! xox

~Kaye Beeh

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