BREAKING NEWS: DC Comics promises to hire more Women

Happy August 1st!
Does anyone remember the long time reader outrage over the lack of many women in the comic book industry and especially in DC Comics.

Well it has reached its height.

The petition was at protesting against the lowly numbers of women writers and illustrators!

DC has said:
"We're committed to telling diverse stories with a diverse point of view," they said. "We want these adventures to resonate in the real world, reflecting the experiences of our diverse readership. Can we improve on that? We always can – and aim to." DiDio and Lee promised "exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months", adding that "we know there are dozens of other women creators and we welcome the opportunity to work with them".

I hope this means an overall change in this industry. I know voice actors and those who have their job has worked hard to get that job and keep it. But no matter if the audience is male or female, equal opportunity should be given. And different points of views is always an interesting outlook on brainstorming ideas.

~Kaye Beeh

(I will posting more anime/comic stories and ideas in the future) I have been solely focused on fashion and lifestyle but its time i drift a little back into my roots.)


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.