Considering my hearts desire.

Recently, university has started up back again and you know the time. Fresh pieces, clean books, new class air (until a few weeks in, it gets stale), the library sessions, bottles and bottles of water, and musty old books that you gotta borrow or new ones that hurt your wallet.

Now there is University on the schedule, Fashion Week starting next week, in a month is the New York Comic Con/ Anime Festival series, some film festival showings, and of course other side events. BUSY TIME is here. and I mean here!

This will be my new headquarters for this semester for quite sometime. This will be the chill, look over things, and cram spot for sure. The high vaulted ceilings and chandeliers. This special spot of my university library is an ultra favorite yet almost empty area. *hearts*

And of course, with a borrowed Apple MacBook Pro.

I definitely see the phenomena with Apple products, god knows I have had my 2 Nanos, 1 Shuffle, and my old Video one, which I still use, but I see the whole deal with their laptops and iPads. They have such technology to them and their sleek designs make them very popular.

I also believe that the iPad and MacBook series must be graphically good to gamers and artists. Its their preferred computers, well mostly artists and business types. I know most gamers still are using their Dell Alienwares, god knows I want one of those Alienwares.

I guess im saying that Im a windows user for all my life, basically years and now I love this Apple technology. Have to get used to it though. Thinking of buying two laptops for this new University semester. I can carry either one either day or have one mostly for business and the other for pleasure.

One computer im liking is the HP for Walmart series, I missed out on the Garden Dreams set. Now they have the HP Dandelion Breeeze. For 500-600$, you get the computer that has an extremely set up with good Hard Drive Space about 500 GBs. The matching laptop case with mouse!

And of course, the other computer is the MacBook Pro. I was looking into the MacBook Airs but I consulted with a long time Apple User Buddy 'o mine and im wanting the Pro instead.

Or maybe an iPad, a little gizmo that weights a bit but more so, less to nothing in your messenger satchel.

The possibilities are endless, truly. My heart desires so much but I am getting to be more detail oriented towards certain ideas.

iPad, iPod, MacBook. Hmmm?

~Kaye Beeh

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