Daylight come and me want to go out!

Yes its true. I am officially making over my room, and what way to celebrate than to go to the vintage places to celebrate the new beginning. Also College begins again in a week. Time to go out as much as possible.

Mum found this Coach. I quite love it. I snuck it for myself out of her stash of bags!
Lucky this new baby of mine, has a coach key chain on it already. I mean I see people customize their bags but I never bothered with it, now Im starting to see the whole business behind it. I am warming up to accessorizing...

Here is a new baby, bought from Ebay. Lucky I won I the auction. My very first Celine Bag Tote. :) I envision walking down Riverside Drive to meet up with a friend with this one. Then taking the Bus downtown to 54th street and the west side.

My other loves who are now starting to see wear, are my favorite activewear gears. Exercise Capris. These are a bit skin tight, so you feel light and can do more. I cant wait to use em. This is the Boston Marathon Adidas Gear. In celebration of the Boston Marathon 2011.

My other new beauty...My new Tory Burch bag. 3rd Tory Burch bag I have to myself. She will start to see daylight too. Just got her in the mail today.

Random photo for the masses, who believe clearwater pearls are not fashionable.

Pics from yesterday when I went to Brooklyn to my Aunt's lovely abode.
I did not take much. But I had to take a pic of the Minkoff Crossbody to my Croc inspired Messenger Bag.
And Finally.... I found my clear glass so I decided to carry it so we could all try on the Terry Richardson esque glasses. Quite neat right?
time for me to actually go out, dinner out in Long Beach. I shall carry my new Tory Burch this time, since she has been dying to see light.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I hope your room looks great after the makeover!



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