Can you believe It? NYCC

Hey guys, sorry been so extremely busy. But...

Can you believe its only 5 more months until New York Comic Con?

The madness, the swag, the lines, the stars, the new technology, the old pals, the expensive food, the mcdonalds on 11th ave being full, seeing dozens of naruto characters, seeing dozens of superman, seeing one guy that happens to dress like Venom or Captain America?

I am dying for it to come. 5 months is a long time to wait but good things comes to those who wait, no?

can you imagine the press conferences, the new news that they possibly know right now and we as fans are dying to know?

Well, stay tuned folks, I got some news :]

--Kaye Beeh

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  1. Oh my! I need to be there! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope it's not the last time I see you there!



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