Comfy Comic Lux

I have this insatiable desire for comic book t-shirts, most of my shirts are these quirky Warrior/Batman/Spiderman/Avengers adorned fronts with the most luxurious cotton lux feel to them.
Not only do they have these ease to be effortlessly cool but you can virtually put them with anything and its awesome. 

I figured why not pair them with my favorite leather backpack, pink suede sneakers, and broken in straight khaki crops for a chill look. Not to mention a great transitioning into late 60s-70 degree weather for the upcoming fall.

T-shirt: Avengers
Khaki: Gap
Sneakers: Lanvin
Backpack: il Bisonte
Bracelets: Pandora/Hermes

Accessories details: Aren't they just so pretty. Got the Pandora as a birthday gift :) Was not into Pandora at all but I have since become a turncoat when I ventured into one of their stores with a friend. Now all I have to do is charm it up. The Hermes clic clac is forever graceful and the Lanvin with the snakeskin cap toe is epic. Just love how easy it is to pair them all up for a quirky but fun look.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Nothing like cozy chic. :) Happy Tuesday!



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