Move those shoes sister!

So now is my first full outfit post in a long time. Yesterday was a hot day, so before the day ended, I lost my red H&M top.

Blouse: Button up Red by H&M
Shorts: Silk Green by Ann Taylor Loft
Top: Vintage stripes
Bag: Zebra Calfhair Rumor Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes: Orange Vintage

So lately, I have been absolutely loving this bag and wearing many different colors. Just exploring through different options. That would be the same as in college when you explore through different courses and paths. There are a million and one choices.

Same with brands. Mix and match, whatever fits your query.

Ran into this oldie at the mall. Remember Arthur, serrrrious blast from the past. Wish I could fit in there.

Bag from Loft. I got a few goodies. Ill reveal next posting. Reason I went to Loft: Because I saw it! Haha no really, I just felt to get a few good pieces and essentials to add to wear in the fall.
Can you say minimal color yet some pop of color? Confusing but the idea is so in my head.

Sam Edelman shoes. Almost mine. I wanted to buy tempted. The right platform and height.

The other Sam Edelman. Spikes and studs on the back.

I officially have respect for 5"-6" inch heel women who wear em all day long or half day. I put these one for 10 minutes and omg. Dying. These essentially dont have much of a platform.

Ayooo. Photo Session in Off Saks 5th. Werq.

Attempting a little Karlie Kloss mixed with Natalia Vodianova. How is it?
The scene outside after all of it. And a night of billiards to end it off.
Here is my face after winning two games of Billiards at Dave & Busters. OMG OMG OMG.

Plus my new Harry Potter Years 1-7 7-DISC DVD SET!!!!!! YIPPEE! Now I need the last movie to be out and im done! IM SET FOR LIFE.

End my excitement.

~Kaye Beeh

P.S. -- Listen to "Im Scared" by Duffy. Amazing Ahmazing song. If you dont, your missing out on THE VOICE.


  1. WOW huge post! I love over using items too. Those Sam Edlemen spikes are amazeballs I want them even if it's to stand for ten minutes at a time LOL I'm waiting to get the full box set of HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the trunk set of the books :-)

    ps I'm infamous for getting into and riding child toys.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. love those wedges with the cork bottoms!

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  4. Amazing shoes! Beautiful!!!!!!!! !

  5. really beautiful photos and these shoes are perfect (all shoes =))


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