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Today was a lovely day. Not too hot or never any coolness but I manage. The Mumster and I decided to trek to Filene's Basement and Nordstrom Rack, respectively.

Today I was equipped in my shopping gear, with my new Message bracelets, got them for 1 dollar each, arent they inspirational. You get this feeling when you look at the word on them over and over and you start to take it to heart.

They say: Life, Hope, Strength, and Laugh. All words I try to live by day and day. You could wear 1 -4 at a time. Truly depends on what you feel like. Anyway...

I made them more artistic by putting them on an empty Burberry The Beat bottle.

Any we arrived and saw and never conquered.
The Mumster looked good today: Work it GIRL.

And I: Equipped with my favorite car tee from Fossil store. Also equipped with my Kipling messenger small, Tory Burch Sandals, and Walmart shorts. Chic for cheap.A closer look at my Tory Burch sandals, and the epitome of where I want a tattoo. See the star and moon?

The face of an indifferent 18 years 11 months year old.

More good news today, I recently have decided on getting a tattoo, right on my foot. Star and a moon together with a phrase " Be the wind, not the cloud" (which I have made my own sharpie marker tattoo right on the inside of my fore arm, refer to pics. I feel the need to do so because I like the idea of expression and that freedom knowing that you've done something so cool and beyond means. Rebel with a cause.

Over to Nordstrom Rack....... Lots of goodies!
the real good news is...I have added a new Rebecca Minkoff to my family of Minkoffs. I have that Kindle Case right? Well now.......I can add a wallet pouch! :O Its in smokey blue denim color.
Amazing no?

And my new pair of Betsey Johnson Sunglasses. Nordstrom Rack for $20 bucks. Im telling you folks, Nordstrom Rack is the place to be. Retail? You may forget all about that!

Thats all I wanted to say. In addition to myself reading more and more fanfictions. Check out the Harry Potter ones and the Bleach Manga ones. There are some great writers nowadays. So creative. Tmrw, I will have more info on fanfictions and a special funny video in relation to fan art and fanfictions. If you have watched Conan recently, youll know what I mean!

Btw, Comic Con + Anime Festival here in New York City is coming up, im truly excited to see what is new and go to more Panels and talk to more people in the Artist Alley. I may dress up as a bleach captain (still have the old gear!). Look forward to a post on that, my journey to Comic Con series. Coming up!

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. I love when my mom looks cute :-). Cute tatoos, I love Rebel WIthout A Cause though haha. I finally got to see the last HP flick in theatres I'm so sad it's over I can't let go of characters I always want more. Anywho My BF love's Manga books and insist I watch anime which I do quite enjoy but never remember the movie titles. :-/ Hope you have enjoyed comic con :-)

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