Beeh's Adventure to NY Comic Con: Part 7

This year's comic con makes it my 7th trip to Comic Con and Anime Festival. I have been going ever since they decided to create it back in 2006 from San Diego and only missed last year. Every single time I go, I always engage in such creative and standpoint conversations with some illustrators, comic guests, writers, and librarians.

Such cool guys, I bought a hulk print, the one with the orange rippling aura surrounding him. Its going right above my desk (apart of my room re-design series coming up).

This year I hung out with the guys doing prints where I bought my Hulk visual, Neil Dvorak with his Easy pieces comic genius, the japanese duo from Lanove,  Brain Junk, Paste tees, Six Gun Gorilla with illustrators Wes Huffor and Adrian Sibar, the writer from Gatecrashers, Vancouver Media Arts school admissions administrator, the crew from Remember Forever photos and even more folks!

After sulking through again the Latex clad and cotton cosplayers, I found a great booth in the middle of con's booths where I learned all about Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance. Its like a clint eastwood type of comic with a gorilla in his place as a smooth gun-slinging powerhouse. I read the first issue and loved it! All about this monkey from his inception taken from his native Africa where his whole family were hunted and killed. Taken by a nice man later to become known as a showcase in a traveling circus, where his speciality is guns totting. Where he soons begins to reflect on leaving that lifestyle. I do love the cover art, the details are fantastic on the gorilla's brute hands and fur. Not to mention its a little cinematic with his horses and stead right underneath his image. Very good job.

Next meeting various people.

Chatting law school and animations with the Vancouver rep. Imagine taking courses specific to detailing the education of our youth with actual big time media executives. They have a chance to have a job after their schooling. Great initiative this is.

Chatting Lanove and seeing a sneek preview clip which is being released in Japan next January and in 2015 for us United States folks. A curling sport high school romance drama. I love the animatons very crisp and the sequencing is interesting, can't wait to see more on this and the character development.

Here is the first couple of seconds.

Chatting with Neil Dvorak, see my other post on Easy Pieces comics, where I literally walked into his classic office setting with a philosophical thought on the well drawn and simple pieces that create the Easy pieces comic.

Then sat to enjoy watching Starcraft battles at the Intel gaming center. It was Hero vs Life. Everyone was literally at the edge of their seats.  Life won the round 3-0.

 Yes I am loving this. Dont laugh at my face please.

Went to discover these handpainted cats using acrylic and different artists did their own renditions.

Then the main feature going to the Mob City preview. Mob City was developed by Frank Darabont, of Walking Dead and Shawshank Redemption fame. Mob City stars some of our favorite actors like Ed Burns, Milo Ventimiglia, Jon Bernthal, Jeremy Luke and others. It is a take on the La Noire book about the gritty action packed mob scene that was LA in the 1940s. I saw the first 21 minutes and let me tell you, this will be a GOOOOOOOOOOOD series on TNT.
Premieres December 4th :)

Since Frank could not be there, this was his message to us:
I apologize for the shakiness from now.
My video which i had to upload to youtube instead of here, in the words of Charlie Day "It wouldnt take"
Chatted cool shirts with Brain Junk and Paste. Bought two really nice shirts, good cotton material and I love a good novelty and cool shirt.

The folks at Brain Junk. Really chill and make really cool shirts.

This one is mine :)

I proceeded to eat Chicken Tenders and Fries on the food court level and try to get into Agents of Shield but couldn't becuase Walking Dead fans camped it out. Queue Zooey Deschanel in that commercial crushing those cupcakes, thats how I felt.

Saw other various things.

I believe that dude photobombed my figurine shot. LOL

 The detail in those skulls, I can see the temporal, mandibular parts so well.

 Not mention having a lovely chatting with one of the warriors from the Medieval Times, mentioned to him I have seen it a couple times since I was a child and he said You must really enjoy it then, You should come back and have dinner with us! Hahahaha ;) Very Friendly.
 The Ocarina!

Sylvester Stallone, Rocky replica props. So life like, I heard he was there. But one lucky fan got to take a non-paid photo with him, how awesome.

Finally came home to end the day with my goodies.

Some stickers, lots of business cards, tshirts, stuffed plushies from Star Wars, Felix the Cat coasters, information and a phone & Nikon ton of photos.

Anyways, it was such a good time this year, new developments, new exhibitors to meet, and of course catching up with old favorites like Brian Kong in the Artists Alley.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Looks like so much fun !! lucky girl to be there ,

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  2. This looks so cool :) I love these kinds of things!! I love Spiderman too, so no worries!! My daughter love loves Spiderman, he's her hero :)) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  3. this is awesome! trust you had a great time! xx, ALma

  4. This looks like an amazing time and event! Lovely pictures.



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