Beeh Day - First Week of August + NYCC/ NYAF Updates

So,the first week of August is coming to an end soon. Parents getting their children ready, people enjoy the beach, going to shopping sprees, sample sales, and check out the latest and hottest movies.

Those movies being ( what I have not seen yet) :
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
- Cowboys and Aliens
- Captain America
- Rise of the Planet of the Apes
- Horrible Bosses (only for Charlie Day I would watch)

Dying to see them and fawning over them.

Been working on scripts and pieces, and trying to relax doing just that. I start sophomore year of university last week of August. Lucky me.

But I'm glad to say that I have signed up and submitted registration into the Editorial Press for New York Comic Con/ New York Anime Festival. I'm pretty excited for this year.

BTW, NYCC/NYAF is being held this October 13-16, 2011. Mark into your calendars (not into your Death Note Books please, we dont want trouble that day.)

Hopefully, it wont be as confusing as last time was and a little bit better with crowd control. I cant wait to hear the latest news, the newest products, and meet new people. Its always nice.

Plus to go back to the Artist Alley and chat with old pals you chatted with before many comic cons ago.

One person I am looking forward to seeing again is Brian Kong. Dude is amazing. Check out his website at Brian Kong

But anyways, im have my cosplay, I will not dress up all three (or should I say four) days. Maybe I will dress the Saturday.
Sundays I don't usually go, but maybe I will. I know from experience its mostly for the Kiddies but it doesn't hurt to see the Sunday festivities.

But for this year, im excited. The Guests to be there the list is promising:

= Hiro Mashima (Best Known for: Rave Master and Fairy Tail)

= Junko Takeuchi (Best known for: Naruto Uzumaki's Seiyuu, Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter and Gomamon in Digimon)

= of course, Lou Ferrigno (Best known for Hulk) with his damn 30 dollars a piece, autograph booth which I will never succumb to. Hasnt work these past 3 years Lou. Nobody is lining up. Giveaway tickets to specific booths like seriously.

= Adam Kubert/ Andy Kubert

= Jason Mewes / Kevin Smith (we all know Jay and Silent Bob!)

= Frank Miller!! (300, Sin City, Ronin, and Batman : Dark Knight~)

Wow. :) Talk about a killing. Plus there are more people that they are going to announce. Excitement is kicking in.

Now if the Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast were to come, id die on the spot. From so much Charlie WORK!!!!

Haha, had to do that. Well anyways, on the fitness side, Im on Turbo Fire Week 5. Insanity Week 3. Im surviving, im panting for water and atmospheree.

On the fashion note, I wish I make more uses of my Ann Taylor Loft shorts. Been working on my legs. green shorts with what? Suggestions? Its greener than the picture and around the same militia kinda style. I normally wear my vintage tees, but i want to mix it up.

-- Kaye Beeh

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