Rebecca Minkoff x Mintbox VIP event -- I love FALL 2011

I have had the absolute pleasure of attending the Rebecca Minkoff x MintBox Fall 2011 VIP Presentation Party. It was everything.

Girls different styles coming out, many looked great, some went over the top and some were casual cool like me.

I donned Grey Skinny Cargoes, My Vintage Black-grey small v-neck tee, Blue Pink Lotus Yoga Hoodie with my Burnt Orange Sandals. And of course, my lovely new green croc and brown suede messenger from Marshalls.The necklace is a vintage piece made with wood and a glossy smooth finish. Strange huh? I got them in green, red and the matching necklaces.
(Yes, part of my shoe came off. I put it back on today with krazy glue.)

As soon as you walk in, great by the door with the lovely Rebecca Minkoff welcoming you into her Showroom downtown :) It was very gorgeous. Lighting said it all and the showcase of dozens of bags and a rack of clothing belonging to Fall 2011.

The place was insanely packed though only few are invited to come, imagine that?
I met up with a really cool girl and we hit it off instantly. So we were checking out bags and the clothing rack plus moving from place to place to get fresh air. Frances! I love the neck of her dress! That crisscross action! :)

The table in the corner that had orchids were lovely. Macroons, French Truffles, and Cake Pops in Red Velvet flavor. I only got two, but I should have gone back for more. Anyone.

Well anyone, two lux conversation couches sit in the middle of the room, so take a break and carry your drink there. Haha, and the drinks were lovely. I only had one cocktail, or should I call it Minktail. ;) I got the strawberry flavored and it lasted the whole party. Who would think.

Well anyway, heard about a twitter contest for special bags being given to girls who twitpic these selected handbags they are giving away. So I said, okay...there are 2 bags I already took photos of, so why not give it a shot.
And they are the only two bag pics I took until when people cleared out and it was only a few left around 9 pm....I started to really go around with Frances (the girl I had the pleasure of hanging out the whole evening with) and take pics of all different types of bags.

Well.....anyways back to 7:30 pm (or around that time, I didnt even keep track because of what fun it all was, meeting people and everything!).... I decided to check my twitter, for well updates on people's status..then I get a mention. Woah! I won a bag.

A frigging Rebecca Minkoff Bag. The only Rebecca Minkoff item I have (in my growing collection) is a wallet that I bought recently, now I can add this to my collection.

Its the Rebecca Minkoff Zebra Calf Hair Rumor Crossbody bag. WOW! Fun thing is, it was the first pic of the night I took. hell yeah.

Well here is a look at the scene.

One of the boots. Its my favorite one.

The bags to drool over.

The clothing.....
Very whimsy and very very cool.

I love the lace top. This was my favorite of the night. They also have it in two other colors. A black and a white (I think its white).

Woah! :P

Well, what a night! Im glad I came, seriously. The Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 looks amazing and so carefree. Prints, prints, and more different materials. I cant wait. The Leathers looked good too. As well as the pony!
The Hardware on the Minkoff bags are to die for, and I have never seen such love and quality in them. Indescribable but I tried.

The mind of Rebecca Minkoff is quite creative. *Heart*

Well excuse me, while I enjoy my Zebra Rumor Bag ;) Thanks folks at Rebecca Minkoff and Mintbox!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. How lucky!!
    Looks like great fun :)

    X Heels In Sand

  2. Great blog ! Follow each other ?


  3. wohh love all the bags!! specially the animal print ones!!

  4. Aww mannnn.. Youre so lucky to be able to go. I love her bags!!! Hoping to get another nxt trip. Where in NY is this? And what's the good places to shop in NY? Ur in NY right? Otherwise. Shame on me! Xx


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