Georgina Stojiljkovic for Vogue Taiwan

Georgina S. for Vogue Taiwan August '11. Doesn't she look amazing. :)

The top reminds me of Gucci.
I mean colors this summer is seriously amazing. She brings out their radiance and vibrancy.
She has legs for miles, well of course, model legs baby. 5"11s and 6"1s. :)
But the color blocking and the combos are really amazing. Emilio Pucci does it well and so does Missoni with their various prints.

Now whom I would love to see do color block bags is Carlos Falchi and Nancy Gonzalez. Can you imagine croc or snakeskin in colorblock style?

It gives me shivers. Maybe we can include Jil Sander in this list.

~~Kaye Beeh


  1. Love the colours & the platforms in the last shot.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, glad you liked the dresses.
    Following you. X

  2. Wow yeahh she is a realllyyy good model!

    X Heels In Sand

  3. LOVE the cuffs she's wearing!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



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  5. I love color blocking! I think it's one of the highlights of this season. The model is incredibly gorgeous! Thanks for all the comments on my blog! I truly appreciate it!
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  6. like her! :)
    nice blog! :))

  7. I agree that she looks amazing and the shots are so inspirational!

  8. Indeed, she look awesome!
    And the clothes she wears are amazing as well ^-^

    xxx London

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