World of Gemma Ward

I know about the whole Gemma Ward issue and completely back her leaving the modeling world. She was and still is a visionary for years to come. Fashion coffee table books, inspiration pieces, books, and magazine archives will always have Gemma Ward amongst the most influential people.

I am forever in love with Gemma Ward and will continue to follow her, in acting and whatever her presence now graces. <3

(But, I will not forget when the industry belittled her and did nothing to defend or try to understand her weight gain or give her good attenion, just criticism is received.)

My Austrailian Princess is forever. She inspires me day by day. I just hope the same does not happen to Abbey Lee because all models have that time that comes.


  1. The hair in the second photo is awesome!
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  2. She is amazing! I can't believe what the industry did to her, basically chewed her up and spat her out :( She is still such a gorgeous girl and I hope her acting career goes well!

  3. WOW.. she is amazing now..
    She will do super well
    Lee x


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