Stylin' with Kohls --Spring 2011

What a crossbody.

My sour face! Owooo!

So, I went into Kohls last week Friday with my best bud Laura and basically, she was my clothes horse.

I decided to have her try on different look using the same key pieces, a versatile spring look from Simply Vera by Vera Wang, LC by Lauren Conrad, and other Brands found in Kohls usually.

The price point is from $29 on the LC by Lauren Conrad t-shirt to the highest buying the Simply Vera Anorak for $50 bucks on sale.

This is my own styling. I decide to do a styling session once every two weeks from looks seen at Target, Walmart, and Kohls, to show that fashion could be found dirt cheap or close to dirt cheap without exuberant price tags.

Look #1 - Go Hard or Go Home.

Basically, this piece can work for both night and day. A Floral Top by LC by Lauren Conrad and the jacket is Chanel inspired found in the sales rack for 28 bucks? Not a bad buy. And of course skinny jeans. You could definitely transition from day to night with this look. Edgy yet feminine.

Look #2- Hello Ms. Warren , see you at Bergdorfs for Lunch.

Cute, edgy, and awesome. This was my favorite sweater out of the bunch I picked out to style. Its Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Very gorgeous and glam. The detailing on the shoulder can bring out the best in any outfit and take it over the top with that edgy feel. So I decided to pair it with the same floral top to give a good contrast. This is a great outfit to hang with friends, go to lunch, or an intern running errands at a magazine. Always look your best!

Look #3 - Driving Ms. Francis

Basically this is very feminine to me. I decided to play up the frill and ruffles of both pieces by combining them! ULTRA FEMME. Once again, the same LC by Lauren Conrad top and a Kohls Brand sweater thats only 20 bucks.

A nice little director break - Gorgeous LC by Lauren Conrad woven sweater thats light weight and reminds me of the holed Alex Wang but they are much smaller holes. TOP: Nightmare before christmas tee. (I decided to celebrate 10 months earlier, much love xox)
Back to Outfits:

Look #4- Riviera and the city?

Laura and I both agreed to use this Simply Vera by Vera Wang Spring Anorak. I personally loves Anoraks, so cool you could do anything and they look amazing. I do not know why but it gives the floral top and jeans, a city chic look. Great for an intern during the Spring on a casual day.

Look#5 - Color Bolor

Both the sweater and top is Simply Vera by Vera Wang! A cool look for a spring day. Nice for the daytime because the pop of "artist canvas painted" colors on the top is fun. Not to mention a great conversation piece. A nice neckline not low or too high but just right.

Look #6 - Lady in White
Gorgeous Gorgeous. The Ruffles and the color both together. The White definitely can bring out that color. Top is Simply Vera. Sweater: Kohl Brand.

Look #7 - All Smiles

Okay this is great. I added a green button up 3/4 sleeve shirt because sometimes you can not just wear a top under an anorak, you need a little something there, I get from people. This is the answer. Not exactly western but very lax. For all girls.

Look #8 - Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh my gosh.

This is a great tee for the day and I love the crunchy flowers with the ruffles of the white drape sweater. Very femme. ULTRA FEMME. The tee is LC by Lauren Conrad. I love it as it can help the transition of winter to spring. The sweater material is light but appropriate.

Look #9 - Deco Lets go.
This dress is the one I had to pick up. LC by Lauren Conrad. She truly designed a great collection for this season, that girl can design and she is so amazing. I would love to know just how, how she does this amazing work and its affordable. Its great for evening time. Picture going to the park for a walk.

Look #10 - Lady, Hear Me Tonight
This is for girls like me. Sometimes you can not stand to wear dress bare leg or can not have the utter confidence to have your trunder thighs graze the leggings, which some people wear as pants with short tops, OH MY EYES. I can not comprehend and will not try. Bon Voyage. Anyway, this is great. I love to wear them with trouser cuffed pants, bermuda shorts, khaki shorts, jeans, and cuff pants. I love it with the anorak. Romantic looking indeed. Softens the dress for those who can not take too much femme.

The LC by Lauren Conrad Floral with ruffle detail dress in detail.

Then, I make my grand finale.
I believe Cargo Pants are appropriate with a Chanel inspired Jacket. City Chic. Dont judge. :)

And if anyone did not pick up, this shoot was inspired by the H&M three way mirror commercials, especially the last photo.

After all that, chicken fingers with sweet potato fries. See that Mesquite BBQ sauce? Inviting?
Tempting no?

Then to Target, where I found some Proenza Schouler-esque pieces that Jack and Laz would be proud of.

Then these cool silk front and cotton back tops that could really dress up or down any outfit.

Then I make my way home to find a lovely package waiting for me. Its the vintage Burberry jacket I ordered! :O


~~Kaye Beeh


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