Headbands, Hair, and the Stuff

My Ceiling. I hand painted the clouds. Dad did the sky blue perfectly. In the top left, its the canopy to my bed. :)

So, I spent part of Friday with all that nice weather inside and outside. And I ended up in a little bit of a photo section both inside and outside.

Firstly, Id like to introduce my new head-wear attire. 3 Headbands and 1 fuzzy band.

My favorite one, a little more detail shot.

Then I progress to trying them on :)

(Enjoy the birthmark, its beauty just like that Russian's Port Wine Head Stain)

The fuzzy is too hard to see, by a great side pony holder.

Then I proceed to show you my long lost tiny bag, I love this bag. Beautiful both ways.

My Frog ring makes an appearance finally :) Mother bought it for me. How exciting is that?

Then other things in my room, (Ill do a closet post soon enough.)
That's breakfast, half it.

My dear Calpico.

My lovely little house I found in Home Goods, I love that place for interesting decor finds.

My Dollar Tree Bunny. It can hang around my neck when I feel sad. :)

And finally the Anna Sui Journal. 13 bucks. I could write in it now but its too cool. Maybe later?

My favorite Chanel Khaki Vert Eyeshadow. I love doing my eyes. Thats the only makeup I wear, the eyes.

My Brown Bear Diary Japanese Book. Thats my next post, the photos inside are cute and amazing. Makes you think, how come I did not think of that.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. sooo muuch adorable ness going on here :) i loove the colors, and how peerfect is your ceiling? great blog doll, happy weekend :)

  2. Your ceiling is supercute. Love how you and your dad did it together :)


    themodernvv.com {stop by and say hi?}

  3. cute post! that ceiling is really creative :)
    buttercup buttons

  4. Love your ceiling! You are so talented.
    I also like your headbands and I think you look great wearing them.


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