Soho + Chinatown all in a days happiness

So, It was New York fashion week Saturday, which is the day for awesome shows and afterparties counterparts. All of soho was bustling busy and as was Chinatown. Soho as usual people shopping, its Saturday nobody is working and everyone has time to blow their savings or trust funds or hard earned money on a new pair of shoes or staple outfits. Chinatown had its New Years Festival. Dragons, steamers, and all colors. I wish I had taken a pic of the dragon and the child that came up to me smiling from it all. Aww worthy.

I did not spend much time in Chinatown, just to get some jelly filled bread and bubble tea drink. Then I had to stop at my underground spot for new anime or clothing shipping in directly from China and Japan.

Me walking down Broome past Kenmare. Stepping on that beat!

As I am walking, I pass this display for a little mini boutique place on Mulberry Street. The fox tails and jeans I saw made me decide to make a move inside. Its named Court and the person assisting was really lovely. I have a shirt on hold. Its a great material and super soft. Court has two locations :Here in Nolita where I was passing through for a mere seconds 178 Mulberry Street. 10012 and one in Williamsburg: 210 N. 7th st. 11211

Then I past my way through boutiques to arrive on the ever busy Broadway. I finally made it past a booming H&M store I tried to go inside but eventually it got on my nerves so I left. The same with Zara. Afterwards, I saw the Converse store. I had to take this picture, the wall of converses. I wonder what size/sizes are used.
Anyway, there annoyed me too. I just turned down Spring st into Soho to do my rounds.
I started off getting my favorite cool drink at Jamba Juice on Mercer. Then fortunately with no brain freeze as I enjoy my frozen concoction, I made my way to Marc Jacobs, enjoying all the sights of the store and how busy it was. I went to buy my favorite cashmere socks but they were sold out, told me I had to go to Bleecker. I did not feel like it. I look around some more and found a really cool t-shirt that I must buy. I was tempted to buy a wallet I saw but I said, Alexander Wang 600 dollar Aaron Bootie, I cant.

Then I m0ved onwards to Yohji Yamamoto Adidas, Anna Sui, Tarina Tarantino, Chanel (that people were lounging and buying tons of stuff, wowza, I only went in there because I saw some lucite bangles and sneakers I loved including the new nail polishes that im loving circa 90s flaunt colors. Unfortunately, my sneakers were sold out, they only had these mesh ones, oy. Bootie of suede there was nice. No Bangle and I could not bother with polish til next time. Let down major but I was still having fun.). I past a full Balthazar people eating, SportMax, and finally got creened into going into Sabon, L'Occitane and The Body Shop.

Entering Sabon with a free sample of their clean rose glycerin soap, I was amazed at the array of old world glam into this store. It felt like a french cupboard and you could wash your hands. free demos. I love free. But then I got to look around some more, I found the body scrub vanilla almond, yum and the matching cream, I say next time. The body oil and shower gels, wow. The scent and over feel of them. Good lux quality. I ended up getting a customized 7 dollar cut of Vanilla Rose Patchouli Soap and a hand cream tube of Vanilla Lavender Patchouli. Good value. I only spent 9 dollars. I joined their VIP club so the hand cream was free.

Then next I sauntered over to L'Occitane, where I proceeded to buy Mom all times of soaps since she loves L'Occitane and as do I. I bought the Limited Edition Plum Blossom Body Polish Gel. Always love to look around in the store, always something new to diverge into. The fresh Lavender Bunches are cute and so were the Verbena Gel. ~

I left so I would not succumb to anymore bath luxurious until pass a familiar gorgeous scent, I look up and its The Body Shop, I could not resist, I go inside greeting the security guy ever so lovely and buy my Brazil Nut Body Scrub. I dont know why I love Body Scrubs, scrubs out the day's work into relaxation.

Afterward, into Betsey Johnson for some fun. I always have fun with the workers. Haha, the guy that works there loves my PS1 Cigar Bag. We were talking a little about fashion week now and then they resorted to inventory and receipts. Haha next time. Idle time devils hands. I ended up buying another pig item. Sailor Pig with anchors necklace! :) As I was leaving, I spotted a gorgeous Warhol style colorful Betsey icon face long sweater with black fur trims at the hood, length, and bottom trapping. OMG. To die for. Unfortunately, Id have to save up for many things I realized, but they are staple and important pieces so it should not matter! PERSEVERE KATH!

Then I walked over to Barneys Co-Op, always me favorite spot, I have not been to one in Cobble Hill Bklyn yet, I dont know why I keep forgetting its there, Shame on me! Anyway, I walk into see Alex Wang bags, im taunted I know it. I walk downstairs for jeans and more alternatives wears. I found a cute sweater with a flowy side like a capelet, batman should be jealous. Haha on sale, 29 bucks. I wished it was in black but the gray is heavenly too. Camouflage shirts pass. T by Alex Wang, tons. Tons of Vince Basics too.
My bag of stuff.

Sweater by Splendid.

Next time I said. Bought it and looked at the J Brand jeans, I love the assortment. The guy at the counter I love him officially. Next time Ill explain it. I then navigated back upstairs to see the shoe rack. A pair of Rodarte x OC shoes, Haha black color its amazing. Then my size 9 rack, omg variety of boots and shoes, im in love. all like 100 dollars or so. A pair of amazing Rag & Bone Knee High Boots. Scavenger hunt indeed. Going back next week for them and the other boots I saw. Fresh leather I smelt. Im in love with Barneys COOP soho once again.

Then I ended it all at Miro Cafe with a grilled chicken sandwich and snapple - kiwi strawberry that is.

A descend of fast walking down to canal + Broadway then to the N train to Brooklyn. Nice day all in all. Best time for Soho walkthrough is starting at 2 pm I always say. Too early in morning , eh.

Well, I ended up buying Vogue Magazine February issue weeks ago and it was in my bag so I read through on the train ride, which I had to switch to another train! nice! Pics of my favorite pics in the mag, the ads i mean.

Freja I hope to be my future wife, if not Best friend for eternity could work? :)

I love to see the changing times. Asian beauties indeed should be brought about more. Thank Estee.

I always love seeing this ad. His pants he could rub against me against me anytime. Hehe. :)

The infamous and widely received Prada Spring campaign of color! ~ Molto bella!

DKNY the modern woman indeed. You see her curve? Gorgeous.

I always love me some Tods. Especially the loafers. But The model, is that BRITT KOTH? Can someone tell me? IF so, I miss her. She is effing amazing. I thought she was the next Freja. But then again, Freja is forever.

As soon as I saw this I thought, the Limited is back? 10s has never been so cool.

Then as always, Kristen Stewart being ethereal. in Proenza Schouler. Two effing loves of my life. Actually three. Actually Four. Actually Five.

- Freja Beha
- Natalia Vodianova
- Linda Evangelista
- Proenza Schouler
- Kristen Stewart. (Not because of Twilight dont be mistaken, Ive loved her since Catch that Kid and into the land of women days. Please and Thanks.)

To end it all off with a new nail color, DEEP Purple Color called Prince Street from NYC color from their New York Color Minute collection, one I love. 1.99 you cant go wrong.

The scent of my day was Flora by Gucci. The ultimate scent next to Harajuku, Anna Sui, Dolce, and David Yurmans.

A pic from a new feature I found on my camera phone's phone. A beautiful natural negative. Enjoy.

Outfit of the day (not shown):
Jacket: Vintage Dark Green Black Plaid toggle Long Coat
T-shirt: Madonna Sweet and Sticky Vintage Concert Tour
Sweater: Anna Sui Black Hoodie with Little Girl
Jeans: Gap Premium Skinny (side button this time)
Boots: Vintage Lace Ups
Bag: PS1 Cigarette Suede

Bon Appetit!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, dear.

    To answer your question, I live in Norway. Where are you from?

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    Karoline Kalvo

  2. wow so much shopping! awesome :) also, i have never seen so many converse in one place

    F. ( x

  3. Wow for all that shopping, all these pictures kept me stuck on my computer screen, I really wanna visit NY!

    Froso from Style Nirvana


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  5. Hello! You have a lovely blog. I wanted to pop in and answer your question, though it is a bit late, hum? The photo of TOD'S advert, it does look like Britt. I will be doing my darnest to make sure it is or is not. lol Also, have you seen these pics? She has a few in this campaign. I'm glad she's come back to modeling!

  6. I guess it wold help if I left the link... humm?


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