Vena Cava Fall 2011 RTW --- Day 1 NYFW

What is there to say about the space which Vena Cava was shown, almost the same as last time but its never tiring. I quite like the shapes.

Vena Cava was all about the retro 90s being back into orbit. Models strutted the runways in strong shoulder looks (reminiscent of the shoulder padded jackets), brownish-orange colors, Hacienda/charlie brown striped skirts and tops.

Other varying stripes came into play. They played and played.

Then some bandeau made appearance to make it a festival of 90s blossom. Off the shoulder.

The choker necklaces I saw was a staple piece, I thought simple but still a statement jewelry. Then the knit beanie type Beatnik hats, immediately I think old YSL.

Then Blacks and other colors come to play in this party of Vena Cava, tall silhouettes take over, earth tones play, and the beauty look in this is silvery disco glitter makeup.

YES FOLKS, the 90s is NOT dead. Thank you Vena Cava. My Heart to yours.

~~Kaye Beeh

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  1. i am a 90s kid and im so happy that im seeing more 90s esque things back on the runway. so great! i have been dressing very 90s lately, i love it!

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