Suno Fall 2011 RTW NYFW Its Speaks to me

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Suno is the awesomest of them all. I loved the eclectic ness of it all, its was like an afternoon tea party, with colors, patterns, and fun is the theme. Very English country in a way to me.

Its one of my favorite collections of Fall 2011. For Fall, I do not only want drab but fab. Fabulous and cool indeed. Prints, patterns, and color to make our feelings feel great!
The pieces makes you want to join them. Not the standing around for an hour in towering platforms but the party itself in imagination. Luckily, during my recent visit to Zara yesterday Monday, I found two patterns similar and a cheap alternative to Suno.

The jumper and then standalone pants.

A Sculpture at our school from the Art majors.

The Cats that live at our school.

Also in addition, I hung out with my friend Yuri. She is an awesome Japanese girl! :)

Outfit from Yesterday MONDAY:
Jacket: Yugoslavia Vintage
Tee: Vintage Hacker
Sweater: Long length H&M Striped Wool
Bag: PS1 Suede
Jeans: Madewell

Haha my first jeans post not being GAP PREMIUM in a long time right?!

A view in Soho crossing Broadway to Chinatown where we went to Hong Kong Supermarket for Calpico and Jasmine Teas!

From today, my new Uniqlo Sweater. On Sale now for 12.90$ until Sunday.

Sweater: Micro Fleece Navajo Striped by Uniqlo
Necklace: Betsey Johnson Sailor Pig.
Expression: Its 3:00pm and I want to go home but my course is until 5pm. Oy. Mamaluh~

~Kaye Beeh


  1. love the 4th style from the collection :)

  2. wow- love this collection.

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. love the collection Lovely art in the clothes(L)

    Thank you for the lovely comment.
    New outfit of today! come check it out?
    LOVE xo model from holland
    everyday a new post (L)

  4. i love the necklace you are wearing, very cute. and i love all the textiles they chose for these collections!

    thanks for the comment, visit again!


  5. loving the inspiration!
    i'll be coming back to your blog for sure!
    come visit COSMICaroline and see behind the scenes at the Nashville Anthropologie event!



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