Perry Ellis Fall 2011 RTW -- Day 2 NYFW

This show started early at 11 Am. Yes I call 11 Am early. When you dont grace a pillow by 1 or 2 am then thats called beauty sleep a little later in.

Off my rant, John Crocco backstage via LiveStream , said that this cold weather is what happened and it helped this collection. The feeling of warmth, coziness, and overall awesomeness.

I loved the look. Parted hair. Earth toned pieces. Cozy sweater, some of cable knit status and tailored pieces were incorporated as well. Each male model donning vintage shoes and boots.

I like the idea of tying in suits not with normal suit matching jackets but alternative ones that help to make it look more casual instead of too businessy.

The inevitable plaid jacket and hounds tooth made an appearance and look awesome. I want to cozy up to the male model that was wearing it. I want his name. please.

Haha, anyways, it was the casual man dressing appropriately and comfortably.

I loved the 2 sweaters towards end with patchwork to them. Had a 70s vibe to them.

The show overall was pretty good. :)

I have video from the show, in show and final all.

~Kaye Beeh


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