Jewels of the Jewels

So, recently I have been preparing for the whatnots of fashion week and all that comes along with it. Starbucks, Starbucks, and more piecing together. Throw in college work into the mix and you've got me.

In other good news, my old G1 Tmobile phone has finally broken on me for real and I decided to buy (invest) in a new one. The beautiful 3G T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. Its a beautiful phone and definitely more advanced in technologies than the HTC G1. HTC is doing a pretty good update on phones. No Windows Mobile for me, no more problems please. No mo'!
Haha but anyway, the camera megapixels are crisper on it, so this fashion week lovely crisp photos. I gotta configure the flash point on it and exposure to my likings. My real posting today of my new jewerly I bought is here from the email, so my new camera took great crisp photos! Other good features on my phone is all these new things. I am quite content with Android technology so onto my jewels!

I love the detailing on this open cuff bracelet. Stones in the shape of tears and florals in every color grace wraparound it.

My lucite carved, my 6th carved bracelet like this. I love them.

An overview of my new rings in the gift boxes. Every color right?

This earring is incredible, all that carving of swirls and the millions of shard like pieces from one ear. I can not wait to wear this.

The outside of the ring boxes.

Box 1 : Gorgeous onyx ring, the stone is so huge its maybe larger than meets the eye.

Box 2 : I love the color! Intricate details on the ring itself.

Box 3 : "e" shaped ring. dented like metal, so cool :D

Box 4: Green flower like ring. Its like emeralds of green.

Box 5: Bondage type ring. I love the details!

Elegant no?


Thanks Twiggy. :)

Just enjoying my things... :)

Over view.

What I have been snacking on for weeks now. Healthy goodness.

My choice of drink for the past 2 days. Really good Robs.

Inspiration: Exodus Bob Marley Album.

Shall we be androgynous?

My old Betsey Johnson Necklace. Well its new from October 2010. Its my halloween and forever obsession.

Back of the betsey necklace, it says Bite ME on the back! :D

My jewelry pouch :)

A little bitta Chanel just in my life.... mambo numba 5 !

Fun with Chanel!

Freshwater Pearl elegance and beauty bracelet. Its a stretch on and quite a lovely investment 20 bucks no lie.

Well, im surely glad my new phone can do photo capabilities at lovely megapixel wattage! And I could show my jewelry I just got in time.

Haha, one day I want to wear all my jewelry at the same time with a elegant white dress on the beach. Id have to wait until summertime for that! XD

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