Versace For H&M - WANT.

So heres the basically questions one has to know. Which H&M locations, Ebay auctions, and potential buddies?

The madness begins November 17th, next Thursday but I cant wait. Maybe I will stop by if its not too much.

The thing is which H&M to go to. 34th or Broadway, probably it will mostly be at 34th in midtown. Ugh, im not into lines but i have had my fair share of them. Who knows, maybe I will buddy up to pass by time.

But these pieces I would like to see some of them in person to see the details as what I have seen in in the lookbook and ads.

There are exactly three pieces I want

This Dress. Oh so Versace 1993, I love the grecian detail and modest length. Sexy still. Price is about $149.00USD. Id get this baby. Oh H&M if you have this in my size on opening day, Id die. Chances are grubbers are going to sell em out.

Then these Romanesque Leggings for $29.00 USD. God you just about wear this with everything. Play on texture and color at the same time if you want.

And then this baby priced at $49.00 USD, the classic Versace insignia, this is great for a lovely going out look.... I wonder if it looks slinky in the front as it does. Cant wait to see these textures and quality of material.

OVERALL, I cant wait!!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. amazing blog, i'm following you!!

  2. cant wait for this collection either!

  3. i just cant wait for it hehe, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)

  4. super dress =)

  5. The Versace collaboration has been soooooo hyped, I hope you are able to nab the pieces you want and more! :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. Great choices, I am so looking forward to this! <3<3

  7. I'm kinda excited myself I want to see the craziness at the shops only I hate lines too!

    ps I could return the bag but it took 14days to get here I can only image how long a return will process. It's growing on my since the outside is exactly what I pictured it to be.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  8. Some items I really like, but it is not my style.

  9. ME EITHER!!

    loving your blog sooo good!!

    follow me baby!


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