Black Friday Deals & Madness.

So Black Friday is here and Thanksgiving day is over, it was nice. Now is when the deals and christmas shopping begins. So people go store hunting across the expanse of the city and burn off those calories from yesterday (lord knows we need it after that sweet potato and pumpkin pie slice).

So those are my bags from the stores today. I never go all out because I dont see the "Doorbuster deals" or " I must have this or else ill die". It just went to take a walk and see what is out there. Long lines, crying babies, diva boots, and bed hair is the norm today. Also the idea of family and hearing Christmas songs in every damn store. Guess that did not take them long!

Exhibit A. She was blocking the sign with her hair. Gurl run a comb. ;)

But this was at Kohls. While I was online with a buddy.

The scene at Forever 21.

I found at lovely Parisian chic hat circa 1948 but did not buy. I might want another time. more floppier!


This is my jacket I love there and want. The material is what you pay for, sure. But I love the leather trimming, the militia style buttons, the crisp lines, and the owl inlay inside. $44, I might go back for this darling coat.

And this is from my bags earlier.

Nautica Lounge Pants for $11 from $34.

Only thing I bought at Forever 21, A 90s inspired hoodie. $22. I had $18 store credit from last month. I dont really go to Forever 21 much anymore. I cant do it. The friend wanted to so I said why not.

From H&M, These $10 knits jumpers/sweaters.

And from Macys, The Chanel Professional Eyeshadow Base in Bright. I have been meaning to get it. $34.

I decided to have the eye makeup done by the artist there, very lovely girl.
I dont wear concealer, foundation or all those other crap. I LOVE TO DRESS THE EYES. So Eyeshadows and MASCARAS! *LOVE LOVE LOVE*

The makeup is gorgeous for going out or holiday time glow.
Mascara: Chanel Inimitable
Eyeshadow: Inner: Black Star and Outer: Platine

~Kaye Beeh


  1. yesterday was CRAZY!!!!!!!you are a lucky girl I didn't find anything interesting ... :(


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