Forever 21 & Some GRUB

So i am an advocate of the occasional look into forever 21 because you might find some cool things but somethings ridiculous but for me, forever 21 will always have some good socks. Thats why I bought two pairs of the warm tone stripes ankle socks. They give a good pop of color when you wear flats or wings or oxfords that have a little open top room. Know what I mean?

Well anyways, I found this lovely Forever 21 Russ Hat. With Sequins. SEQUINS! YOU HEAR THAT DIANA ROSS. SEQUINS! Haha okay, let me relax. And for 16 dollars, I believe it was thats not bad glam.

A pic of the socks but my tory burch pouch is covering them a little. with a jewelled top I pick up but later put back! Haha.
In more ways than one, I still have my store credit to use. Maybe I will try Broadway location to see if there is anything.

And onwards to GRUB.

I always love me some Soba w/ Chicken Teriyaki.

There you have it. This week I have completed midterms (College mind you) and so busy with trying with clubs, other midterms, catching up with peeps, getting to Housing Works and the places I have been wanting to go, and events coming up. Its busy time.

~Kaye Beeh

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