The ING NYC Marathon is upon us!

So all over the world and especially NYC here is in uproar and excitement and all loads of anticipation for the Marathon to come tomorrow. 26.2 miles or BUST!

I commend the NYRR association so much for their endless work and love for the fitness and soulful art of running and run/walking. They amaze me every year by their PR getting everything out into the blogosphere, television, and many advertisements that are so inspiring. They now have an Apple Itunes application that those running can almost track whether their friends are! AMAZING!

So I love that the marathon is here. The Fitness Expo held annually at Javitz Center is so explosive with people and potential racers picking up their gears and getting ready for carb heavy dinners for tomorrow!

With the expansion over the 5 boroughs all that training is now coming upon us.

I wish I could run it. Maybe next year or the year after that.

I wish everyone tomorrow luck and I will be watching. Maybe Ill get to Mile 12 or mile 13 and watch~

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Cool photos. I really miss New York when I see these photos.


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