Sophie Elgort : Part Deux

So as you all know, I have been following Sophie Elgort and her amazing vision behind the camera for sometime. There are some new works that show such growth and perspective to her photography.

This one from one of the fashion week shows is one of my favorites that Ms. Elgort took.
I believe this is from Adam S/S 2012. The model's silhouette in this floral jumpsuit is so stunning. Such a good angle to take the photo from.

Then beautiful girl. I see a 80s girl meet 1925 New York Debutante debuting into society. I believe this is the part where she is going out to the loft downtown and doing her Chanel Makeup and putting on her platform black booties! Gorgeous photography. Such good perspective.

And a goodie from Lookbook IV. This should be in GQ
The guy with his Tom's shoes. What an angle he can immediately jump into! for those not in new york, doesnt that make you want to come to NYC and jump up and down in the middle of Times Square?!

--I do that already. *sniggers* :)

But I really love Sophie's work and I love going through her lookbooks to see new things because an artist is always inspired by new environments! She is the daughter of Arthur Elgort I realized recently, whom has had stints with British Vogue and is legendary

but the focus is on Sophie and her amazing works of art as seen in LadyGunn, Vogue UK, and other amazing medias!. It evokes energy me and I hope it does the same for many others!

Check her out at website here.

~Kaye Beeh

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