Life in a nutshell w/ froyo

So midterm dreading is over. Now I can relax just a tiny little bit. I can do more of my blog, my ebay powerselling, and of course my favorite thing to do, go to MIDTOWN EAST. *heart*

But other things that are really cool is to go to the fresh food market and get fruits and veggies that are in season! Pumpkins are good right now, no little. Good to eat in pie or a fall medley mix.
And to read my magazine. Doesnt Zoe look good?

Of course as soon as these midterms were over I went to my favorite vintage spot and got this lovely purse!

Its by Hunt's Club, they have the best minimalistic and buttery soft leather pieces.

Tried froyo for the first time. Cake Batter flavor with fruit pebbles, cap'n crunch toppings and strawberries. CAN YOU SAY FRUITY?

Got some Panera Bread with mum. Sandwich and Soup. Of course, doggie bag to go home is needed.

And just Saturday, I went to get mum's birthday gift. I will reveal it here what I bought from Bergdorfs on her birthday date.

Of course when I travel, I carry my Kindle 3G in my Rebecca Minkoff Kindle Case. Why not be smart and stylish no?

A close-up. The sales associate can gift wrap! Werk it.

After I fall here. Tired. Done.
Shoes: Converse Limited Edition
Jeans: Mossimo by Target Premium Skinny

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Cool style i love it!

  2. very beautiful shoes. stylish and beautiful!
    like the way you live,positive and colorful

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  3. Thanks for your compliment I blushed haha! That's an awesome gift and great wrapping from that sales associate. Hope you did good on your midtermz. Have a Happy Thanksgiving :-)


    Fashion Nostalgia

  4. I can't wait for my semester to be over so I can relax and FULLY enjoy life too.


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.