Aviator Shearling and Calvins.

So, I forayed into Target, as always I have a little break so I like to do a little shopping, my style evolves and my wallet takes a beating, but what can you do? Talk to my electronic counting coin bank, currently saved is 24 dollars. HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!

Well anyways, I saw the series of Merona and Xhilaration jackets and coats that were quite gooooorgeous. Especially one with the fur collar looks very Tory Burch meets Givenchy. Here it is here. You can buy it for $69.99.

But I found this baby and I immediately thought isnt it just like that thousands of dollars Burberry Aviator Shearling Jacket. I love it. I tried it on immediately and loved it. I bought it for $49.99. Quite a steal, no?
I initially bought brown but then traveled to another target nearby and got black. Black is so charming.

Look at the details! The "leather" strips on the bottom hem.

It overall. So much opportunities are arising with it.

Has a little moto influence. See the cross hatching?

MY EYES WILL BORE INTO YOU! lol. Bad pic but I love the angle with my ninja pants.

And of course, my new Calvin Klein Bag. Found at Flea Market for 10 bucks.

Good leather, good white fresh color because I never had this color before. I feel very pristine with white. Idk, empowerment and prim I guess.
The tassel on the bag is ridonculous! LOVE IT.

And I will leave you guys to your infinite possibilities......

~Kaye Beeh


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  2. Love your new buys, you look absolutely fabulous! :)

    Shopping makes me so happy too hehe.

    The Cat Hag


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