Veve Handmade Scrub + M.A.E vintage and luxury Consignment

So about a year and half ago, I was stringing and chilling along 7th ave in Brooklyn and made my way further down to around 13th street, 14th street and discovered two boutiques. M.A.E. vintage and luxury consignment that is run by a sweetheart (Marci, I believe) :) She is so wonderful and helpful. And another shop, I forget the name. But they carry great instances of Veve products and vast varieties of jewelry.

M.A.E. consignment carries all designers and vintage pieces that one would love, with the occassional artworks. I have bought a lovely minimalist Zara black free top here for 5 and a Henri Bendel cardigan for 10.

I loved the selection of shoes which were Dolce & Gabbana, Tons of Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Salvatore Ferragamo. Unfortunately, hardly any size 9s and10s. Mostly 7s and 41.5s. But there are great shoes that are 9s and 8s.

She sells Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti coats and many other style coats. Currently I have my eye on a coat but I wont say, all I will say, its an all-weathered type and just in my size. You can search Google for " Mae consignment" and you can make your purchases online, call her to ship, or go in person and search through exactly what it there.

And dont worry, there is a cute dressing booth that you could try the styles to make sure, if you want it or not.

One time ,there was a Chanel clutch and a Ferragamo Clutch. Priced at 300$ and 225$ respectively, now that you can not argue with.

And then onwards to the other boutique, lovely jewelry pieces but I love the collection of Veve products, and thats how I was introduced to Veve, I was buying a Mother's Day Gift and I saw that a body scrub for mum would be perfection. You can buy it HERE.
(photo: from Veve's Etsy account!)
The Veve is all natural and handmade, it does not settle so easily and the raw sugar in it truly scrubs your hands and body gently with the left over smell for the whole day. I bought the one in the link, the Oatmeal Honey.

Next I gotta try the Citrus but I have been so busy, so why not buy it online!

SO ALL FASHION, BEAUTY, AND ACCESSORY TYPES, Head to M.A.E consignment before Fashion Week starts to get your fix and go to Veve on Etsy to get those scrubs and lotions ready.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Thanks for your visiting my blog! this store looks so cool. Maybe one day if Im ever in NY I can stop by. Oh that would be so amazing!



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