Doo.Ri Spring 2012

My first time reviewing Doo.Ri. I always see it but I was never much into it, I have to admit.

But this time around, I liked the draping that she did on certain pieces. They were quite crafty and good.

I liked the designs on this skirt that has been seen on a few other items, it reminds me of a sheet design I once loved and missed. Its very unique.

This one look very cleanly done and gorgeous. Especially the pants, the side detailing makes it good for any outfit, I especially I love it with a striped t-shirt, I can imagine it with it.
Doo.Ri is very feminine yet with a nice little tiny menswear touch to it.
The makeup, minimal and fresh faced. Showing a spring where you could dress to impress yet feel minimal bare.

~Kaye Beeh

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