NYFW Leftovers Parts 1 & 2

Montage of photos I had leftover from NYFW. It seems like it came like a storm but left with a bangful grace.

Some people werqed and others failed. Happy Fashion All.

Scene from United Bamboo SS12

Maybelline counter at Teen Vogue Haute Spot. I actually quite liked their Haute Spot, a very fun space to chill between shows or see people come in. I missed Richard Chai and Jill Stuart there.

Their Style boards. Loved the styling. Obivously, I want that Jacket.

At their internet corner, on their ipad, looking up Fashion Radar for confirmations and RSVPs to shows. Haha, a girl needs a break.
Bergdorfs during Fashion Week is always fun.
Epicenter of stuff and planning.

Quite liked her combo. That skirt and high shoes.

Honor was overcrowded, so we were all released out back onto the fashion week lobby were tons of us watched the screen.

Who is that? Its Joan from Girlfriends! Tracy Ellis Ross. She was at Honor!
I managed to pick up Arise Magazine. Ive been hearing such a buzz. Arlenis Sosa is such a rock star.

~Kaye Beeh

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