Tuesday - Scarves!

Song of the day: I Believe in You by Niki Haris

So, its my motivation Tuesday where I decide to get things done and actually do. This song I put in this post for a reason, this song has a strong message that I believe all will enjoy and find their inspiration and motivation from. That strive to do good is not easy but I believe we can all achieve that mindset. :) Little by little....

And on another note, what im loving the various scarves for the winter, such as ruffled, frayed, straight line, colored, classic black, and plaids. Various styles and patterns are going to rule this fall I bet.

Can you imagine a black wool peacoat with a Burberry signature scarf except its in the navy blue with white and red stripes.

Or a White coat with a lovely multicolored scarf, like one from Missoni or some unknown brand but its good quality material.

I believe scarves are another freedom of expression amongst people who have clothing that either they like or do not like. The scarf is a free material that whatever color or style you like, you can almost pair it with anything. Sometimes you see the business man walking down 43rd street and Madison ave with his pinstripe suit but then a lovely red or checkered scarf adons his neck.

Such a freedom and art form that we sometimes do not take into account!

Excuse me, while I scour my wallet for a new scarf (purchase this semester's expensive textbooks *shaking my head*)

~Kaye Beeh

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