NYFW Day 1 - Richard Chai Love

Unfortunately, I could not attend Richard Chai (or should I say try) because I had classes but it would have been nice to see it in person, I had really high hopes for this show.

I have some I was impressed with and some very iffy.
These are my favorites:

Doesnt it have a cross between the Glam Rock days of David Bowe along with an 80s kid layering look? I LOVE IT. The skirt and pants together, I love combos like that, it is just so revolutionary. Also revolutionary is the skirt matching the sneakers....Hmm.

This guy, reminds me of Bender from The Breakfast Club, doesnt he?
I love this all black look, it can go well for Spring, maybe a navy blue undershirt, instead of the white would be a nice pop of color? Then again, white is very crisp and simple.

Does this look familiar? Another one of Richard Chai's signature floral prints that are tasteful. Its tasteful but too much. Stripes then floral then solid top? Eh......ask me later. I loved it last february for this fall the way he added that crisp beige jacket with the floral. On pointe then.

I like this layering. A nice spring look. Solids but a nice color scheme. I know people will rave over this top. The sheerness all in the right places and then that orange/white maxi piece. When you look at it all together, it looks like a tennis outfit sort of, mind the extra white on the bottom?

I believe Richard Chai is a vision, he always takes risks and thats what I love about him, he tries. :)

He believes in his florals, some solids and pops of color in all the right places. Whether its a streak on the eyes, or colored lips or bottoms, he makes it work. It was quite a sporty collection yet cool chic at the same time. The guys looked very casual and comfortable even in colors, you just gotta werq.

Next is Fashion's Night Out, stay tuned~

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. love it!

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