Christian Siriano SS 2012

Christiano Siriano is always a show to see, no? Its very entertaining, majestic, grandioso, and his skills on almost every outfit is enviable. Christian has such depth for the feminine side of the female, Siriano's girl is a beautiful take charge woman who takes fashion risks because she gives off that air of confidence that no matter what she does, she will look good and you will be looking at her.

I love the detail on the arms of this top. Salmon pink colored. It is so amazing with black too. Very intricate detail.

I love this looseness in the outfit. A long white sleveless blouse equipped with a belt and a long flowing skirt in a spring neon color. I definitely see this be rocked by many women in the spring.

And of course, in the fierce Siriano style, he finishes with this gorgeous ball gowns that I would love to see on the red carpet and balls! Especially the detail that goes into them is amazing...when someone walks in it, it must flow a certain way and Christian is on his way to achieving that. The bodice on this is gorgeous though, the evolution of the organza pieces on it, it from two different areas.
Hmm, a Christiano Siriano is looking mighty fresh.
~Kaye Beeh

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