Fashion's Night Out : FNO NYC

So, it was the best of times and it was the best of times, a little bit bad but what could one have done, its FNO. Nobody was home I bet. Except some that dont care but yeah I was not home.

I went only to Bendels and Bloomingdales during the beginning hour at 6pm. Unfortunately, I was not feeling very well and very tired, so I retired early on the evening at 7:30 at A La Crepe in Brooklyn then went home.

But here are some pictures. That night was so huge and the sales ladies at Bendels were extra pushy.

Dont they know that a fashion obssessed Beeh has to sample first and linger around and be comfortable first. Talk about diving in head first!

So im going in feet first.
Shoes: Limited Edition Converses, Socks: American Apparel Warmies in Purple
Denim: American Eagle Straight 77

So here at Bendels, a new brand I never heard off. The cleanser is paraben-free as I was told and has all of these different pieces to it. The Cleanser has no soap yet you can wash or wipe it off. The skin feels supply soft. I heard *pst *pst* An editor from Daily News uses this.

Another brand, Luxtural. As used by UK entertainment figures and Angelina Jolie at red carpet functions and other events.

3 set, it makes the skin feel good too. All natural. I have tried the facial mist, get rid of impurities and a tired looking face. Oh boy. (but I use SKYN ICELAND, thats what im getting already)

The press release of Jolie's usage.

And Youngbloog cosmetics. Minerals, Minerals, Minerals. I love this line it looks very natural on the skin and is not metallic of any sort to break or harm the skin. The color schemes are very smart.
Onwards to Bloomies, A look down Lexington Ave.

Got into Bloomies, it was ridiculously full within the first hour, I went over to the Milly x Clinique section, it was a bust. Total confusion for me so I left.
I went over to Jo Malone!
I had a great time looking at their products of Body Oils, Perfumes, Candles and Cremes. Got a lovely Fragrance Consultation and a lovely sales reps number that I can contact her. Which I will.
And of course, the cute waiter holding out a tray of Jo Malone Chocolate Bunny. I got one :)

The ad campaign photo thats out now.

Then onwards to Brooklyn, where I retired.
Eating Crepes, Banana and Nutella.

A very lax space. Just my speed.

Excited right?

~Kaye Beeh

P.S. - I MISSED Amare Stoudemire AND Rachel Roy AT MACYS :( *Kills*

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